It’s pretty clear that no one filled a form to stay, no wishes were granted, no persons threatened to breathe in the air you breathing this moment and yet here you are speaking words that don’t even matter, but just might be fatal.

Lying and stealing from the weak, finding pleasure from all your sins like it’s your right to live. It’s pretty clear a price was paid, a sacrifice was made, for the many to be saved.

You go about in the dark, trying to hide from God, thinking he has no sight, undermining his might, taking for granted your life that was paid by the unconditional love of the father up above.

You walk around filled with pride, getting angry, hating, lying, telling yourself that this life is all in your hands that “it’s your life” the devil just sits there enjoying the show and God, he sheds a tear waiting for the next “father forgive me I’ve sinned prayer”

Why are you drowning yourself in the earth, looking for the deadly grim reaper, killing yourself inside when God has declared you alive in his great big book of life. He has made your soul his own, Yet you digging it back to the soil, surrendering it to the earth.

The gift of God, the most expensive gift. none worthy of it, no one ever really deserved it, and yet you receive it every day, only out of love, whilst you make it seem like it’s just out of luck.
Why do you prance around feeling a void when the holy spirit fills you whole?